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04-Dec-2017 13:22

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It was another horrific first date on a string of first dates that had plagued me over the past few months.I’d listened as a med student explained feminism in painstaking detail to me, an ardent feminist.

Clearly, dating today bears little resemblance to my parents’ courtship.Online matchmaking gives me options outside my physical grasp by connecting me with hundreds of potential mates.My friends and I trade hilarious stories of mismatched connections, but I’ve also found wonderful people whom I never would have met otherwise.Here’s a tip: An unsolicited dick pic is not what I’m looking for.

Not that straight guys have it much better: A number of their matches turn out to be “bots” or people posing as women in an attempt to direct them to porn sites.

I swipe right on the picture if I’m interested and left if I’m not.