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The neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced.

Given the modular nature of Fender's production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, placed in the manufacturing warehouse and remained in stock for a period of time, and then subsequently paired with a body to create a complete guitar in the following year.

It is closely associated with the island's identity and its rebirth coincided with the resurgence (riaquistu) of national political ambition in the seventies.

Thirty years on polyphony is widely celebrated as the country's cultural expression - more than any other art form.

Dorothy Carrington, doyenne of living Corsican chroniclers described singers of polyphony, who "...never...

feel so united in their apartness, their insularity, as when performing this indigenous music inherited from their unremembered past.

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The origins of Corsican polyphony are much disputed and since until recently they have been undocumented, no clear evidence exists of its source.

If you have what you consider to be a somewhat "odd" serial number, please check the following chart to see if you find your serial number configuration here.

Personally I use a fixed blade broadhead ( thunderhead 100). Sometimes a blood trail can be lost especially if the deer is booking it like crazy through the woods because only droplets can be seen at times depending on your arrow placement. I have found over the years that once a deer is hit and it heads in a direction is will almost always stick to that general direction even if it doubles back it will turn and continue in the direction it started.… continue reading »

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